Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why I am wondering......

This world can be a crazy place....I'm wondering about alot of things, and so is other people...I guess wondering can be dangerous, cause you want what you are wondering about to be either true or not true. For me wondering takes you to a whole new level, regardless of what you are wondering about. When I wondeWon want things usually to be good, with great ending. Wondering can be dangerous, cause it cause stress, pain, sleepless nights, and on top of that worrying. In due time, the wondering can pay off a whole l0t...

Wondering why people say stupid things? Wondering why sometimes life isnt fair? Wondering why must things be the way they are? Wondering why dogs cant clean up after themselves? Wondering why people call in sick and say to the world that there having 5 days off of work? Wondering why people don't fix them selves up to find a man? Wondering why people cant be honest to themselves, that they need help? Wondering why I have to go to work, when they say there is going to be bad winds tomorrow? Wondering why what does wind have to do with no school? Wondering why people have to stay in a locked up marriage or relationship? Wondering why people have to report in and out when doing things? Wondering why people have to talk so loud, then be quite when someone comes?

So many wonderings but not enough answers. I know that there is so much answers but I dont think people want to hear the answers. Thats why we just wonder...Dont get me wrong wondering is a good thing. It makes your brain work and work faster than ever. I think its healthy.

Wondering is healthy and is the most fun thing to do.

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