Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why, Does there need to be traffic, late at night.....

I just dont understand, its 10:00 at night, and there is traffic glore at Fort Weaver Road. You must be thinking what the heck I'm I doing good out so late, and to Ewa. Well, I had to meet a friend, and it took me 20 minutes just to past West Lock. All because there was a accident, right after West Lock, with a bunch of popo's and about five cars, blocking one lane, mind you there is only two lanes going into Ghetto, Ewa Beach. So everyone had to merge into one lane. I hate that, boy was I pasted. It took me so long, and mind you I left, my house in Aiea, at 9:45. That was the worst of my night, to get home, and I missed a message from my friend out in Iraq. Even more mad I was. Eventually I got over it, and had to get up, in five hours to take my dog out, feed him, take a shower, get ready for work, and then make my lunch, then finally wake up my son, Jordan. This morning, he exactly was a good sport in getting up along with getting ready. Thank God! Some mornings its a battle field with him. I want to give up but I just cant. This morning my morning is going good. I got to talk to my friend from Iraq, that surely brighten my day.

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